Dating Filipino Women

There are many reasons why Filipino women want to find love outside the Philippines. Most areas in the Philippines are relatively poor areas (compared to Australian conditions), and therefore for many women there may be a desire to have a better life with a larger social safety net - and here one of the possibilities is to find a man in Australia.

A man in Australia and New Zealand will therefore typically mean that the Filipino woman will have greater financial security, and thereby an increased quality of life. You may also be given the opportunity to send some money to the family on an ongoing basis (this is not a requirement, however) - but it is very honorable in the Philippines if you are able to support your family financially, as the parents typically have no pension or other social safety net when they stop working.

If you marry a Filipino, you can expect a lot of familial participation and inclusion in the family, and they often want a close and loving attachment to you as a new family member.

In addition, the Philippines is also an extremely open and welcoming people who are very positive towards people from other cultures - especially the Australians and Canadians who have a good reputation in the Philippines. You will be treated on equal terms regardless of whether you are someone from their own country or come from another country and culture. This may also be a reason why Filipino women often find it easier to find love when they are on vacation or meeting tourists at home.

There are many English-speaking men who are interested in Asian women and when we have to look at how the Australian and Canadian men and Asian women fit together, as mentioned, it is especially the Filipino women who suit the Australian and Canadian men well.

Here are some major reasons why Filipino women are a good match for European men:

1. Most Filipino women speak good English.

The Philippines is an old American colonial nation from 1898 to 1946 and therefore English is the second official language in the Philippines. This means that most Filipino women with a normal schooling speak fairly good English, and therefore it is much easier to communicate with Filipino women than, for example, women from Thailand, where only a few of the women speak reasonable English.

It helps a lot that you can communicate together right from the start when you start a relationship with a woman from another country with a different culture. The possibility of good communication in a common language right from the start of the relationship therefore helps a lot to create a strong and long-lasting relationship, and you have the opportunity to do that with many of the Filipino women.

2. Filipinos like Australian and New Zealand men

In the Philippines, throughout its history, the culture has received quite a lot of influence from the Australia and other countries from Western Europe. Australia and New Zealand have a good reputation in the Philippines and the women especially like Australian and New Zealand men, because they have a reputation for treating Filipino women with respect, and further the Australian and New Zealand men have a reputation for taking part in the everyday tasks at home.

Of course, it must also be taken into account that money and financial (and social) security in Australia also make it attractive for the Philippines to find an Australian or New Zealand guy.

The families of a Filipino woman will often prefer a foreign man, and they typically have a greater influence on the girl's choice of a partner than you experience here in Australia. In the Philippines, you have a somewhat different family pattern than you often experience here in Australia and New Zealand, and for Filipino girls, the family is very important, and their influence on the decision-making process around choosing a partner is therefore often great.

3. Filipino women are often happy and positive people

The often well-organized and sometimes reserved Scandinavians want to experience a different country with the Philippines, with a population that is curious and loves to meet new people, where they get a positive energy from being with other people.

The Philippines is a poor country compared to Australia and New Zealand, but its citizens are extremely friendly and often welcoming when they meet a foreigner. In general, many Filipinos do not take life too seriously, as we do in the often stressed and ego-centered Western world, while the Filipinos, on the other hand, are a very easy-going people. Therefore, you can also expect a Filipino girlfriend who loves to laugh and have fun.

4. Filipino women are very family oriented

The Philippines has an average of almost 3 children per year. woman. In Australia, the same figure is around 1.8. This means that Filipino families are larger, and what also makes them a close family unit is the lack of a proper social safety net in the public sector, as we know it here in Australia.

How many people in Australia often live a single life (and perhaps also a lonely life) in their own homes (statistics show that around 40% are single households in Australia) and rely on the state when we need financial help or a healthcare system, so in the Philippines, people are much more focused on a strong family bond, where families take pride in looking after each other as best as possible.

Therefore, contrary to the Australian culture, there is still a great focus on the family in the Philippines. Although the Philippines is one of the most Western-oriented countries in Asia, as individuals they are still very dependent on and closely attached to their family members. This also means that if you find yourself a Filipino woman, she will – even if she moves to Australia – often have close contact with her family.

At the same time, it also means that she will be very focused on you and the family you may start together. Filipino girls are brought up with the family and home as her responsibility – and you can feel it. She will do a lot to show you care and love, just as she will make sure that the home is well-functioning and cosy.

If you actually examine what is one of the most important factors that make people happy, studies show that one of the top scorers for happiness is good family relationships. So a woman with traditional and strong family values ​​can be the key to a healthy and happy relationship and well-being in life in general.

5. Filipino women are also hardworking women

Are you worried if a Filipina woman is primarily after your money? Of course, there are "gold diggers" in every country, but Filipino women are often used to working and earning their own money.

Filipinos often move to other countries to work, and it is estimated that there are over 10 million expatriate Filipinos working around the world.

so it is important to point out:

If a Filipina woman moves to the Australia or New Zealand, many of the women have the attitude that it really helps them to integrate as best as possible, and one of the ways is that they are not afraid to jump into the working life of a new country . Because being productive in the society of which you are a part greatly helps with integration.

Many Filipino women also feel that when she also has her own work life outside the home, it also means a happier wife and a happy marriage for both of you.

6. You won't find many feminists among Filipino women

After many years of fighting for equality, Australian women have become very independent and focused on their careers and their "self-realization". When Australian women enter into a relationship, it is often with an expectation of equality and an equal distribution of all duties – both domestic and financial. Filipino women have a completely different starting point with the culture and background they come from, with a completely different focus, as well as some completely different expectations for a relationship.

As previously mentioned, a marriage to a Filipino woman also means a strong relationship with her family. Filipino girls rarely leave their homes unless they have their own residence or they move to another country with the husband. Therefore, it is also important that if you enter into a boyfriend/marriage relationship with a Filipino girl and move with her, then at some point early in the relationship you must also agree on the rules of the game in relation to being with her family (how often you travel and her from Australia to the Philippines or how often her family will come here).

As mentioned, the Philippines has much more traditional gender roles. Of course, they have a desire for their future husband to show the necessary care and respect towards his woman, but they also understand that men and women have their differences (and often do not want the same equality that many Australian women want), and that is in fact, often a strength in a healthy and happy relationship.

Therefore, if you want to marry your Filipino girlfriend and marry her, it is good practice to ask permission from the woman's parents. Engagement involves the woman's entire family and your own family. The woman's family will measure your sincerity and credibility as a very important part. It is the Filipino custom in marriage.

7. This is what a Filipino wife expects from you.

The Filipino women who are looking for an Australian or New Zealand man often dream of a better life. Therefore, your Filipino woman also expects you to treat her with respect and that you take your role as breadwinner and husband in the household seriously, at the same time that she herself wants to contribute to a good and healthy household. She wants to be pampered and shown love - so remember the manners and remember to give her respect and attention.

Especially the little things – like you coming home with a bouquet of flowers or you buying her a piece of jewelery on your wedding day – she will be delighted. All in all, concrete little actions and gestures are a hit among Filipina women (but I guess that applies to most women :). They love being able to tell the family on Skype how wonderful they are with you and how sweet, loving and caring you are. If you can do that for your Filipina woman, you too will be treated like royalty when you visit her family in the Philippines.

Furthermore, it is important that you reasonably quickly get some clear agreements with your Filipino girlfriend/wife about any financial support for her family. If you have some clear agreements about how, when and how often you can offer financial help to the family, and in which cases, then it is rare that family and finances cause problems in your relationship.

In summary, You can say this about Filipino women:

- Filipino women are beautiful.
- Filipino women are social, smiling and full of joy.
- Filipino women typically want a "traditional" relationship with more traditional divisions of gender roles and divisions of work to a greater extent than many Australian women.
- Filipino women often prioritize strong family relationships more than many Australian women do.
- Filipino women have a good knowledge of western culture.
- Many Filipino women speak good English.
- Filipino women care much more about being a good girlfriend/wife and that you stick together for the family, and often prioritize the family more than her own career or her own hobbies. This is not to say that Filipino women do not want to work. In the Philippines, as in the West, it is often seen that women, like their husbands, have a job. They just care more about family and home than they care about having their own prioritized business career.

Here are some good tips for what will typically make a positive impression on a Filipina woman when you start a love relationship:

1. Endeavor to gain some knowledge of Philippine culture.

If you are looking for a good dating match with a Filipina woman, it is recommended that you do some homework first. If you don't know her origin and cultural background, it would be a plus if you try to find some information about her background - for example where in the Philippines she comes from, (look it up on Google map, for example, and see if you can read something about the city she comes from, etc. ) Your future Filipino girlfriend will appreciate that you, as a foreigner, make efforts to understand the culture, civilization and background of your future Filipino girlfriend. For information, the population of the Philippines is predominantly (around 90%) Christian – primarily Catholic. 5% are Muslims, and 5% other religions. In general, Filipinos are far more religious than we are here in the Nordics. This is reflected both in their relationship to gender and politics as well as in their art and culture.

2. Try to make your online dating a fun and inspiring experience.

When chatting with Filipina girls, be careful at first with topics like sex, politics and religion, as these can be very sensitive topics in the Asian culture, especially when you don't know each other that well yet. Instead, try to make your chats more exciting and fun, and don't try to brag about things you're not. Instead, stay natural and show your true personality that way.

3. Offer respect and personal space.

If you are looking for a serious relationship with a Filipina woman, then you have to respect the Filipina and her background - including perhaps the inability to talk about more personal things at the beginning of your online dating. There may be some who may be a bit shy and cautious at first, but if you show them respect and understanding, they will slowly open up, and once you have gained their confidence, a beautiful flower will often open up like you didn't know at all at the start of your online dating.

But how do you best get in touch with Filipina women who exactly match your wishes? You can of course travel to the Philippines and try your luck. But it's a bit of a bet, and the chance of finding your perfect love match in a few weeks is often limited. Last but not least, traveling to the Philippines is expensive.

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Last but not least: Never transfer money to a woman you have only spoken to online. Filipino women usually have a wish to be able to send money down to their family when they get an Australian husband. If you come to such an agreement (and remember it is often not a requirement, but only a wish), then it is important that you only agree to this when she has come to Australia and you are married.

As previously mentioned, if you start a serious love relationship, please agree fairly early on in your relationship what she can expect you to give to her family, so that disagreements about the finances do not arise later.

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